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Angie, does your vet believe that steaming your hay will reduce mold which could be responsible for causing the diarrhea? I'm guessing that is the concern, since she suggested trying cubed or pelleted hay. Those forms of hay are pressure/steam formed which creates heat, which kills mold.  I have two Haygain steamers, one for each of my barns. This is anecdotal, but personal observation of the steamed hay seems to result in better formed manure. It definitely helps Tipperary's RAO.. Haygain has studies regarding steamed hay and soaked hay.
Shortcut to studies.
Summary of research-A4-DOWNLOADABLE-V1 (

Also, have you tried using a mycotoxin binder? They are supposed to bind to mycotoxins in the gut , allowing them to be passed out into the manure rather than absorbed. Mycotoxins are not nearly as much of an issue in the horse as they are other animals because we don't feed silage, etc. that molds more readily, but it's not impossible. Custom Equine Nutrition sells Alltech's product, INTEGRAL A+ – Custom Equine Nutrition  
Hygain US sells it's own version of a mycotoxin binder, Buy Safeguard EQ by Hygain online - Hygain US ( 

Please be aware that Hygain's product contains wheat middlings and wheat germ. You only feed a very small amount,  but it is in the product. I'm currently feeding this simply because we have had a very rainy summer and I have horses on pasture for a few hours a day with muzzles. I tried the Integral A and no one would eat it. 

Also, it has been my experience ( I had another stallion who suffered loose stools for years , I've tried a lot of different products for digestive issues) that adding numerous probiotics can exacerbate the problem. A single probiotic such as S. Boulaardi , typically used for diarrhea in humans, can be helpful, it was with my stallion. Full Bucket provides paste tubes of S. Boulaardi. Equine Probiotic Paste (100-Billion/Serving) | FullBucket Health

I have no association with any of the companies, just my own experience. 

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