Re: Story won't eat supplements

Shera Felde

Thank you.

I haven't tried fenugreek powder; is there a certain vendor you like?
She will eat the carrier (Haystack low/low Special Blend pellets) by itself; she isn't on Equioxx or any other pain killer anymore. She had ulcers a few months ago and was treated. Is that a sign of ulcers in which case she may have them again? But she does love her hay...She's been on Thyro L for a long time. I know to change it slowly, but this new development of not wanting her morning mix has me stumped and worried about the variations in Thyro L that she is getting when eating some or none of the mixture. I don't actually think it helps her weight anyway. I can syringe it but, like the Gut product, she loses probably 30% when it drops out of her mouth, so not exact either.

I didn't know if anyone could see the obvious needs from the hay analysis. Since she wouldn't touch the copper and zinc supp's last fall, I went to a multi vit/min. Uckele Equi VM.
Shera Felde, Central Oregon, 2020

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