New body shots on Cadet, has he lost enough weight?



Cadet has lost weight since our move; his calculated weight is 1014 lbs as of earlier this month, compared to 1100 lbs in May.  I have uploaded new body shots.

Also, does anyone have experience with which grazing muzzle is best for allowing the horse to eat from small hole hay nets?  I have a Greenguard for Cadet, which is blocked with duct tape.  I'm afraid that, without the tape, he will be able to eat the extremely short green stuff showing up on his track with the rain.  With the tape, he can't eat at all, so I have to keep him off the track much of the time.  He is on Invokana, so is supposed to have free choice hay.  This kind of defeats the purpose of the track, although I think he is getting some benefit from it anyway.  Thank you in advance for any thoughts!

October 2018
Island County, Washington, USA
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