Re: Story won't eat supplements

Sue Ring

Hi Shera,

Have you tried APF??  An "adaptogen" which does not harm a horse that really is not in need of it but can do wonders for a horse that has gone off their feed a bit.  I had my horse go off of his feed (which was his "carrier" meal with all of his supplements).  He was eating his hay but not taking in any of his needed vitamins/minerals, etc.  I started him on APF and within a day or two, his appetite picked up and he is back to eating well.  Kind of expensive, but you can shop around...VERY helpful for those that have bouts of picky eating.  To get more info, you could search "APF" in the files and there is ALOT of very good information from Dr Kellon and members.  Good luck.......with these "special needs" horses, we don't need any grey hair over them not getting good nutrition!!
Sue R in NC 2021




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