Re: How do people soak hay when the horse is at a boarding facility


Thank you, Kirsten and Cass, for your thoughts.  Both hay analyses are in Cadet's CH folder (from July and August of this year).  I started out feeding the higher S/S hay, but noticed some return of his supraorbital fat and crest.  These changes resolved with feeding the lower S/S hay.  Kathleen has balanced it for me and they are eating it with all of her recommended additives (yay!), so I think we'll continue with this for now.  Avoiding another laminitis episode is my number one priority for Cadet.  I am supplementing Ruger with additional TBCs and watching him closely for weight loss.  The horses do eat much more than 2% of their body weight when fed this hay free choice.

Cass, I love your suggestions for using the soak water.  I'll keep them in mind in case I need to soak hay in the future.  Thankfully, it has started raining here on Whidbey Island.
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