Re: AVRIO Pharmacy - Change in capsules

Joy V

FYI:  There is also a change in the liquid compounded pergolide now.  The suspension oil is milky and very watery (I thought it was water) and there are visible particles that settle and separate very quickly.  I'm pretty stressed out about this because 1) this change was not mentioned when I called in for my refill, 2) it is extremely concerning how quickly the particles in this settle/separate because what if too many or too little of them end up in each dose?? and mostly 3) this is the rise right now and I REALLY don't want any changes to anything in his routine, let alone the formulation of his medication.  

I called and spoke to a pharmacist and was told it's the exact same RX, which I believe, and that the suspension oil is just different.  This does nothing to diminish my concern about those particles.  It would have been nice to know that they were going to change the suspension oil w/ the change in location. 

I guess I will be testing his ACTH earlier than I had planned to make sure this works.   I am uploading a photo that shows what I mean about the particles in the RX.  


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