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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Joan,

Thanks for creating a photo album and adding Ranger's radiographs.

There was no bony column rotation back in Dec 2020 but there was some sinking. The HPAs were broken back, significantly on the RF. The feet did show capsular rotation, which is when the hoof capsule pulls away from its tight attachment to the coffin bone. This can be due just from toes that are being let too far out ahead of where they should be and/or from laminitis. As there is a ski tip on the LF, it's likely the toes have been too long horizontally for some time. Need to fix the trim to address this, which means taking the toes back so the breakover is set where the bony column needs it to be. Sole s were thin and heels were underrun..

The latest rads from 9-2021 showed that the HPA on the RF had improved and that the sole depth on both feet was slightly better. Heels were still underrun.The toes, however, had gotten longer and further ahead of where they needed to be vs. theĀ  6-2021 rads, so were putting leverage on the hoof capsules. Sinking appears to have increased as well. It's possible the post-trim soreness was due to his soles and/or heels being trimmed more than they should have been. Running in the mud could have strained tendons/ligaments so added to his discomfort. As Kirsten mentioned, this is the time of year when an EMS/Ir horse can get into trouble with rising ACTH/insulin numbers due to the seasonal rise effect - in essence, he may be the victim of the "perfect storm" of assaults.

Because the there wan no trim done, his toes are definitely still too far out ahead of where they need to be so agree with you that getting the farrier out to get the trim optimized is a good idea. would suggest pulling the shoes and going back to the padded boots as shoes aren't going to solve this, nor will they solve any possible elevated insulin/ACTH which could be the driving factor(s) underlying his bouts of laminitis. Only way to know if these are a problem is to have blood work run now. Agree with you that getting the farrier out to get the trim optimized is a good idea.

If you want, I can mark-up the rads to help guide the trimming. Would be helpful to see a full set of hoof photos of the hind feet as well:

GreenGuard muzzles make us feel better about putting a muzzle on our horses but they do little to prevent the horse from consuming as much grass as it wants to - too may large holes that they can easily get grass thru, esp. if the grass is shorter. Need a sealed muzzle to be effective.

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