Re: Setback: need advice on X-rays

Joan Hornby

Thanks everybody. My vet is as sure as he can be that there is no active laminitis and puts the soreness down to his running around without boots. He went out sound and came in dog lame that day. Is it feasible that the long toes and  leverage, combined with lack of support, could have caused rotation on the right and l sinking on the left??  There have been no pulses.  He swam on 5 consecutive days last week up to 500m so wouldn't that strenuous exercise lower insulin levels? It doesn't seem to have affected his comfort levels. He has been on metformin previously when he's had flare ups but again my vet thinks that swimming is the best way to keep insulin levels low. I'll speak to him about blood tests.

Thanks Lavinia, yes please markups would be very useful. I can add pics of his hind feet which have never been shod and never had problems of any sort with.

Joan Hornby
UK North West
December 2020 

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