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Hi Jackie,
You’re on the right track with the magnesium.  Add up what is in your feed and subtract that from what your horse should have.  You supply the rest.  Keep track of whether the reports are for elemental magnesium or a salt such as magnesium oxide.  There are different magnesium salts and the magnesium is a different percentage of each.  MgOx is what we generally use to supplement.

Just a reminder to keep your word processing document for your case history safe and accessible.  Often, when people go to update their case history, they have no document to update as they deleted the original.  So the general drift is to fill out a CH form on your word processor and save it.  Make a pdf from that and post it.  To update, you open the saved word processing CH document and update it, save the new document, make a new pdf the update and post it.  Saving the pdf after posting it is not necessary.

You may well understand all this but many people don’t and I thought this might be a good chance to remind others.
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