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Deb Walker

For Laura/AVRIO - I hope this is appropriate to post this here but it is on the same subject. I have been following your threads, as it is likely Scotty's med will be increased after lab results are back. Even though I printed out your very complete description, when I read other people's questions, I end up confused again. I'm sure this change has been difficult for staff. I guess what I want to know is how to compare apples to apples...compounded pergolyde mesylate to Prascend.

Scotty has been on 5 mg. compounded and I was told it was equal to 5 mg. Prascend. However, based on your instructions, I must divide the compounded by 1.305 mg. to equal comparison to Prascend. So, that would mean his current 5 mg would only be 3.83 mg Prascend...correct?

The confusion comes in because I have read so many accounts of members of ECIR medicating with very high dosages safely, but the dosages aren't actually as high as being reported if it is compounded...correct?

I appreciate knowing that the capsules will come smaller either everyone else here, we try to be hyper vigilant. Thank you.
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