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Laura Risley

Hi Deb!

You are correct - the 5mg pergolide mesylate that Scotty is getting is equal to 3.83mg pergolide itself (ie - 3.83 tabs Prascend).  Prascend uses 1.305mg of pergolide mesylate to make their 1mg tablet (they just represent the pergolide part).  Clinics can get confused on this too - that's one of the benefits of changing to how we will now represent the drug - the label will now have the pergolide strength itself (like Prascend). 

So, the higher doses seen in some horses would be slightly less (divide by 1.305mg) than what is written - BUT, this is only true for our pharmacy, I cannot speak for other compounding pharmacies.  They may represent the base strength like we will be doing in the future.  We certainly see a wide variety of doses.

Hope this helps!

PS - I updated "Scottie" to "Scotty" in the system :)
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