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Hi Stacey,
Not all signs of PPID are immediately obvious but, once you being treating, you will most likely begin to notice changes and see the connection.  Long hair is one of the last signs to appear while diminished healing is much earlier, as is lack of muscle mass.  We generally recommend treating as soon as the horse is diagnosed with PPID.  The goal is to keep the ACTH level in the mid range of normal, which is generally in the mid teens to low 20’s for Cornell testing.  Mid range for your lab would be about 5-7.  You are trying to avoid a laminitic crisis, not waiting to treat it.  Once you start to treat, you should wait three weeks before testing again.  At that point, you will learn whether the pergolide you are giving him is adequate.  It’s hard to know how often you should test to decide when to treat because at this point you should be aware that he is ready for treatment now.  If you choose not to treat with the testing you have, it’s not really possible for us to tell you what might work better for you.
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