Re: Remy is getting Laminitis again and I don't know why


Hi Melanie,
I was trying to figure out how to word my discussion of using NSAIDs and omeprazole concurrently and I guess I failed.  I’ll try again.  It’s not the actual drugs that don’t get along but instead the effects of those drugs.  It’s very common to have drug interactions and this just happens to be a bad one.  It can result in colitis and hind gut ulcers,  Basically, the bad gastric side effects of NSAIDs you’re hoping to avoid by also giving omeprazole are actually being made much worse.  It’s not a matter of what time of day he takes his meds but that the effects on his body are cumulative and adding to his discomfort.

Could you describe his pain?  How is he acting when you decide to give him banamine?  Is it in his feet, both feet, all over?  Is he depressed?

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