Re: Remy is getting Laminitis again and I don't know why


Melanie, as I said earlier, I read through Remy’s journal today.  It makes my highly recommended reading list, except it may not suit our attention spans.  I totally agree that you have been through a lot but it doesn’t have to be such an unrewarding struggle.  We can help you along.  We have this construct we work with here which states that these are the issues we need to address - diagnosis, diet, trim an exercise or DDT/E.  I think I may have mentioned that before.  So, first let’s address the diagnosis.  To confirm your vet’s suspicions, I would suggest getting a TRH Stim test in late December or January.  This will tell you whether he has PPID or not, even if the endogenous ACTH test (non stim) is negative.  Second, I would redo the hay testing and find someone to balance your hay for you, once you have the results.  Third, I would work with Lavinia on the trim.  We don’t have drugs on the list but I would wean him off banamine.  These are not presented in chronological order, but rather following DDT/E.  Oh, and no exercise until he’s moving around freely on his own.
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