Re: Remy is getting Laminitis again and I don't know why

Lorna Cane

Melanie ,it is doable ,taking hoof pix while your boy is down.

I had best success doing this when I laid a sheet,huge towel,or even one of those interlocking mats under the foot/leg being snapped.
Easier if you can get material under both,but one will do.
This keeps shavings away from your pic,and provides a more solid background for the shot.

You can take all angles,depending on how Remy feels about you gently straddling his leg,facing his hoof.
Sometimes , if it's possible, lifting the foot even slightly(propping up on rolled up towel (or whatever) allows a better view of whichever angle you are attempting to get.

Being a contortionist helps.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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