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I thought I responded before, but maybe not.  It was not fasting.  I have not changed his diet as I my vet said not too, and I wasn’t positive it was necessary to start the emergency diet as he is not IR.  I am also hesitant to change too much with his compromise immune system.

The vet started him on 1mg and he stopped eating the grow and win.  He is currently getting 1/2 mg and still not eating grow and win, so now seems as good a time as any to start implementing a new diet.  

I guess my question is, since I can’t really test the hay will adding magnesium and flax and the cal trace meet his nutritional needs.  Also, the cosequin has helped with arthritis, is it important that be removed?  I will ask how much hay he is getting, but they feed by flakes not weight.  Thanks for any input. 
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