Re: Magnesium


Trying to figure the amount of magnesium to feed Rose, hope I did this correctly. She is being fed hay that has .28% magnesium,  .30% in the TC Timothy Balance cubes. She gets approximate 10 pounds of hay and 1 pound of the cubes daily. That comes to 3.10%. According to her weight requirements,  she should get 6.34 grams of magnesium daily. The magnesium I bought is 56% magnesium,  15.8 g magnesium per ounce, 1 T. = 1/2 Oz. OK, here's where I didn't write how I came up with this amount. I figured she needs 3.24 g a day, some how came up with 5.78 g by weight. She would get .46 T per day.

I truly don't know how to calculate this but did my best. That said, am reluctant to start giving her this amount until math savvy folks chime in 🙂.

Thank you!
Jackie Thurston
Suffolk, VA 2021

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