Considerations for possibly buying a second PPID horse


Hi all,

I saw an add for a horse that 'might have Cushings' - a 21yr old Morgan with reported slow hair loss and did founder 2 summers ago, after which they have dry lotted him and report no further foundering issues but did not get a diagnosis. But sounds like PPID and would need proper diagnosis and investigations of IR as well by new owner of inclined for care. I am waiting for more information from the owner but this gelding sounds like exactly the kind of animal I would love to add to our herd, kids horse/temperament etc etc. and this fall animals are going for much reduced price.
In general, do those of you with more than one PPID horse/pony find any advantage? I have a couple mini's I keep with my current PPID mare when kept off pasture, so she's not alone but I was thinking if I am doing all the supplementation, medicating, having vet out to do bloodwork etc for one maybe doing it for two will not be that much more work. More cost, but some of it shared. I can see that there would be pros and cons, just wondering what advice there might be of the challenges of having 2 that I might not be thinking of, or maybe that would have been deal breakers in hindsight 'had you known.'  

Better to think of those things now than after I fall in love and start to think any and all sacrifice will be worth it 🤠
Naomi D, AB Canada, 2021

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