Re: Remy is getting Laminitis again and I don't know why

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Not wanting to be touched does NOT mean ulcers. It means he doesn't feel well for some reason.

How long did he have diarrhea? Has his temperature ever been checked when not on NSAIDs? Any recent blood counts? Why are you forcing him to take Banamine?

Lyme definitely is a thing in Florida. Less common would be Potomac Horse Fever but that can cause severe laminitis too and fits with the diarrhea. Both can be treated with oral doxycycline.

We're talking about these things because something is causing this, and it isn't high insulin. Top two contenders IMO are infection/collections trapped in the feet, and/or a systemic infection.

You asked about new radiographs. I would at least get a lateral of the RF. Also check a CBC and start monitoring his temperature twice a day once off NSAIDs.
Eleanor in PA 
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