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Hi Rose,

First, a bit of housekeeping. The link to Vesper's case history in your signature takes me to the general case history files, not to his actual folder. Here is the link to Vesper's case history:

Would you please update that in your signature.

Although the insulin result falls within the lab's reference range, Vesper's insulin does make him IR, although not at a level that would normally induce laminitis. When you plug his values into the EMS calculator, the results tell you he is EMS/IR:

This may be driven by the elevated ACTH level to some degree. Either way, his diet should be tightened up and mineral balanced as that will help him overall even if he isn't EMS/IR at baseline. A compromised immune system will only be helped by mineral balancing his diet as it will provide him with all the building blocks he needs to support immune function, in the correct ratios so that he isn't deficient in some areas while being overloaded in others.

Although the hay changed frequently, do you know if it is coming from the same area or the same supplier? Would the barn allow you to purchase purchase and store several months worth of hay that is reserved for Vesper? You can figure out how much hay he is getting by weighing some of the flakes yourself. The CA Trace is a good general trace mineral supplement but whether it is a good match for your hay or not is unknown. It also doesn't address the major minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Flax is needed for all horse that aren't grazing large amounts of  quality pasture to provide the missing omega 3's in their diet. Salt is deficient in all equine diets unless it's supplemented and just providing a salt block isn't enough.

As he isn't having laminitis issues, and his insulin and glucose levels aren't critically elevated right now, stopping the Cosequin doesn't seem to be a priority.

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