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The Emergency diet is intended for active cases of laminitis, or high insulin that puts a horse at risk of laminitis.  Vesper's insulin is elevated but nowhere near the danger zone so I do not think he should be on the Emergency diet.  I would continue doing what you are doing, but add the flax and vit E, and remove the Buckeye and replace it with California Trace.  Without testing the hay it's impossible to know if the CT will meet Vesper's nutritional needs, but it has no added iron (unlike the Buckeye G+W) and a decent amount of copper and zinc.  You can add Mg if you wish, but if the hay isn't low in Mg then there is no added benefit AND too much Mg can cause loose stools and interfere with Ca absorption.

Every time you check ACTH, make sure insulin and glucose are done, too.  If you start to see insulin creeping up then getting stricter about a low sugar diet will become more important.  For now, I don't see any harm in continuing the cosequin, but there are safer alternatives you can try instead if you wish to experiment a little.  Devil's Claw is our usual recommendation to start with.

Given the timing of Vesper's CBD, getting aggressive with the PPID and tightly controlling it with pergolide may help reduce the severity of the CBD.

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