Re: New Case History - looking for advice

Sherry Morse

Hi Patty,

Is the 11lbs of hay an actual weight or a guesstimate? Is that a total for the day or a meal?  Is it being soaked?  Alfalfa is not recommended for IR horses as so many of them are sensitive to it.  Likewise Strategy and Buckeye are not recommended for an IR horse due to their levels of ESC+starch being over our 10% recommendation.

Ideally Inky should be eating either 1.5% of his current weight or 2% of his ideal weight (whichever is greater) to encourage weight loss.  That includes all hay as well as concentrates. Exactly how much work is actually getting in a week?  You mentioned turnout.  As an IR horse Inky should be in a dry lot or turned out with a muzzle on (preferably closed if there is grass in the turnout area). 

This is a case where 'picking your battles' may include finding a situation better suited to the management of an IR horse.  Our goal here is NO laminitis and that includes managing these horses in such a way that they stay as healthy as possible.

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