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Maxine McArthur

On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 02:23 PM, Patty wrote:
When you put Prascend in a syringe do you dilute it?
Hi Patty
I take a 10cc syringe, remove the plunger, place the Prascend tablet (or part thereof) into the syringe, replace the plunger, suck up about 5cc of plain water, and shake vigorously. It dissolves in seconds. Also shake a couple of times before inserting syringe in corner of horse's mouth and squirting. I give a small treat after, so they look forward to the treat and don't object to the syringe. The amount is so small that it's more or less impossible to spit out. 
The downside to this method is that the Prascend should be dissolved shortly before giving it to the horse. I dissolve it at home before going to the barn, so they get it within an hour. However, the upside is that it's quick to prepare, easy to administer, and you can be sure they are getting the full dose. 

A high-value treat is something the horse finds very palatable. The trouble with our IR horses, of course, is that most palatable items are high in sugar, starch or fat! If you must use something like carrot, use the smallest amount possible. The problem with concealing medication in treats is that often horses will eat a certain treat for a while then "go off" it. And you're back to square one. 


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