Re: Hemp Hulls and Hearts feed

Nancy C

Hi Rita

So glad to hear about Stetson. Hemp in general is inverted in the Omega 3-6-9 category with Omega 6 overwhelming Omega 3. I would want to take a look at how much of each is in your half-cup to see if the Omegas in my flax  is being overwhelmed.  You could write to the company and ask for their analysis of Omegas to figure this out. You will probably hear from them that inverted Omegas are not a problem.

Feedipedia shows a 2:5 ratio between Omega 3 and 6 in the seed.  We are looking for 4:1 as supplied in flax.

Don't know about the hulls with some seed still attached, but I would say it is likely inverted but I can be educated.  If you want to geek out here's a handy comparison chart for a variety of high(er) fat foods used for horses

I would not use this as a feed for sure. If Dr Gustafson (KFG) is around, hope she will weigh in if needed.  She does her work in Omegas in humans.

Hope this helps.

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