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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Patty,
I noted you referred to him as an IR horse, which was one of my questions.  Is he considered an IR horse at this point?
Yes, he is IR.  IR can be induced by PPID, or it can be present at baseline (before the PPID) as Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  If you get the PPID under control with medication and keep it controlled, the IR could go away.  However, if he is IR at baseline then even with the PPID controlled, he will need dietary/management changes to keep the IR minimized as it is an inherent genetic trait that never goes away (and appears to worsen with aging).  His previous bloodwork is a bit contradictory, but if keeping weight off him is a problem then he is more likely to be IR at baseline, too, since these horses usually have no "stop" signals when it comes to eating.

A dry lot is whatever you make it.  Ideally large enough for exercise and more than 1 horse, with optional shelter from the elements.  You can feed hay in it but there should be no grass or weeds.  If there are any other horses at your barn that show signs of IR, maybe collaboration with their owners might lead to turnout companions for Inky and some help from management to build a better dry lot.

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