Herbs for Horses - Three Aminoes


Hey there, 

Picked up a new batch of HFH Three Aminoes and see that some of ingredients have changed. 

New lot has a sticker attached saying now with vitamin C but ingredients state the following (per scoop)

Lysine 34,000 mg
Methionine 10,000 mg
Threonine 30,000 mg
Palm Fat 5,000 mg
Omega 3 oil 1,000 mg
Fermented protein meal 20,000 mg


Lysine 10,000 mg
Methionine 5,000 mg
Threonine 2,500 mg 
Acide Ascorbique (Vitamin C) 2,500 mg

So the new version that should have vitamin C doesn't (which is probably good) but also has Fermented protein meal which I'm not familiar with. 😕

My mare is very sensitive to alfalfa and likely the type of protein it has. Is this meal ok for her?

CH doesn't contain our most recent blood test but PPID controlled. 

Thank you


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