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Jane Hester

My horse, Ben, is 20 yr old Appendix gelding living in central NC. In good health (except for dx of Pre-navicular) with vet exams 2x year. Weight stable—6/10. On strict anti-inflammatory diet—Standlee Timothy pellets, grass hay in 1” small hole hay net (never runs out in stall), on night turnout with grazing muzzle, CA Trace plus, Vit E 3000 IU/day, MSM, Actiflex, Mov-ease for joints. Have great barefoot trimmer coming every 4 weeks with me rasping toes in between to keep short. I don’t ride anymore so enjoy him from the ground! Exercise is in turnout with 2 other geldings and 30-40 min hand walks on trail 4-5 days/week. First noticed problem 3 weeks ago when he became reluctant to take walks. Not lame in turnout or on walks when we did go. Just more ouchy, mainly on rocky parts. Started wearing boots on walks which helped. Still worried so asked vet to test for PPID and IR. Got results back today: ACTH 955 pg/mL!!!!!, insulin 31 uU/mL (range 0-42); glucose 97 mg/dL. Vet recommended Prascend at 1.0 mg tablet. Started that today with 1/2 tablet. Vet felt I could go straight to full 1.0 dose—wanted him there in 1 week if I did taper. Since his ACTH is so high and he is ouchy, should I go straight to full 1.0 dose? Worry he will develop laminitis! Currently no warmth in feet, pulses very faint per vet—running and playing with pasture mates. My name is Jane Hester—joined group earlier this year when I was concerned about another horse. This is my first post. Appreciate your help!!!!

Jane Hester in NC 2021

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