Re: Domino and Clover ‘s journey so far!

Kirsten Rasmussen

Don't forget to add the hyperlink to your albums to your group signature!  You can copy and paste the hyperlinks in to your signature here:
Now that you have your photo albums created, please add the hyperlinks for them to your signature. 

If you have completed a Case History form for each horse, they can be uploaded now.  In the "Files" tab of the Case History subgroup (,,,20,2,0,0 ), click on Files in the menu on the left, then create a new folder called "Mikey and Clover", then upload your .pdf Case History for Clover there.  Repeat for Domino.   This is where you will upload any other documents that are in pdf form, like hay analyses and bloodwork.  Keep the original document on your computer as a word or pages file so you can update it as needed.  Then add the hyperlinks to these 2 new folders to your signature. 

Kirsten and Shaku (IR + PPID) - 2019
Kitimat, BC, Canada
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Shaku's Case History
Shaku's Photo Album

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