Re: Supplement Changes/Sore?

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Kathleen,

She is getting more than enough magnesium from her hays alone.  The Thyro-L and cinnamon don't have anything to do with this either. Let's take a deeper look.

D:  Diagnosis. Insulins have been clearly abnormal and not too
far from the acute laminitis zone.  She's young to have PPID but it is possible the normal seasonal ACTH rise is pushing her over the edge into laminitis. This is also a common time of year for Lyme to rear its head and you know she has it. Check titers.

D:  Diet.  There's no way to tell which supplement is best for her because your hay analyses are incomplete and do not contain trace minerals.  Are you weighing all hay or just estimating what she eats? Both hays have very low sulfur which impacts sulfur amino acid levels and hoof quality. The squares have a high end sugar/starch which means individual bales in the load could be too high. There is also a high protein level which together with the low sulfur is a nitrate risk and you should get the nitrate level tested. Have you stuck to dry lot since August?

T:Trim: Post trim photos looked pretty good but I think I would be more aggressive about backing up the toes. The March films were much improved but toes still too long.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

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