Re: Supplement Changes/Sore?

Kathleen Rauchle

Thank you Dr. Kellon for the response. 

Are my hay analysis incomplete because they do not have the mineral breakdown?  I know I can send in another analysis to Dairyland labs to get the trace minerals.  (I should have just did that right away). 

We have been weighing for the most part.  She gets the small square hay in 3/4 inches hole bags mixed with the large bale hay and then get the difference in either a 1 3/4 net or the porta grazer of just the round bale hay.  We have been giving a bit extra because I am afraid of her sitting too long without hay.  Even with the small hole net she still eats through it too fast. (of course she likes the small square hay more that is why I started to mix it)  She has been having left over round bale hay at night the last few days. Back in the early spring when she was restricted she started to eat the other horse's manure, worried she will start to do that again.

She has been in dry lot 100% since August(It was a short time we tried grass in August about 2 weeks).  Otherwise before then she was also only in the dry lot all spring.  Some grass started to take off in the early spring in the dry lot and we had to make it smaller, because one night may her slightly sore again. I will not lie she is still reaching under fence to eat what she can, its not much but could it make a difference enough?  I have been using a natural weed killer spray (vinegar) to keep it back but has not been possible with the constant rain this lately.

I was thinking the toe could come back a bit more also.  Was a bit disappointed in my last Cody James rasp, feels like it takes more effort to use than last one.  I trim every 2 weeks.
Kathleen R
Central WI 

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