Re: Hemp Hulls and Hearts feed

Kirsten Rasmussen

You can try seaching our messages for "soybean+meal" and "peas" and "whey".  All are safe options although some horses react to the phytoestrogens in soybean meal so we generally don't recommend it for IR horses.  Field peas (dry round or split peas) are very high in starch but it is in an indigestible form so it is safe, but the amino acid profile is not ideal.  Whey is expensive but a good quality option.  You can also add a supplement to boost the 3 most likely limiting amino acids.  Uckele's Tri-Amino or Mad Barn's 3 Amigos are both examples of a targeted protein supplement.

But first, do you have a hay analysis?  What is the protein in the hay?  It's rare for it to be inadequate if a horse is eating 2% of body weight in hay and is not in work.

Losing topline at this time of year could be a red flag for PPID.  His ACTH in July was fine, but if he is in the early stages of PPID then it might only be elevated during the seasonal rise.  Late Sep or early Oct would be a good time to check baseline ACTH to see if that's the case.  Or you can do a TRH Stim test between December and June.  At his age I would probably check his ACTH annually during the peak of the seasonal rise to catch PPID early if he develops it.

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