Re: Test not collected properly caused abn high reading?


Hi, Jane. 

The safest way to introduce pergolide is slowly. In general, we suggest starting at ¼ mg for 3 days, then ½ mg for 3 days, and continue until you reach your target dose. A common side effect of pergolide is lethargy AND loss of appetite. So if your horse stops eating hay and wanders away, it’s time to slow down the introduction. There’s a File explaining the process.  Many of us have found that APF helps with these side effects that are called the “pergolide veil”.

One more thing. Handling blood samples for our metabolic horses is fussy and detailed. Mishandled blood samples cost money AND supply bad information. If glucose was “normal” after sitting at 80 degrees for 2 hours, I wouldn’t trust that lab result. If you can manage, repeat labs in a month for ACTH, glucose and insulin would be smart. 
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