Re: Test not collected properly caused abn high reading?

Candice Piraino

HI Jane,

I can actually tell you a quick personal story of my own! My very own riding gelding never had shown any signs of being PPID ( well before I found ECIR and went down lots of rabbit holes and then started to realize all the little red flags I had missed!) AND had been seen by numerous vets who never mentioned PPID. Well low and behold at a later date he was footsore, had rads completed and had shown some degree of rotation. I then found ECIR and asked an attending vet to test for PPID. The vet was absolutely shocked by his numbers and so was I!!! His numbers were so high off the charts, they never computed! The only pushing of testing was from me wanting to know more and dig deeper.

So I just wanted to share my little story of how it can be different for all horses, and some horses don't "look" PPID or show symptoms and then test VERY high!

If you are concerned about the validity of the test, you might ask your vet to redraw on their own dime since it was their own mistake maybe? They might be reasonable about it, and you might feel reassured about the test results. It couldn't hurt to ask, right?

Glad you here!

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