Re: Hemp Hulls and Hearts feed

Rita Chavez

Thank you, Kirsten. I’m reading through the files and will take a closer look at the whey options from Uckele and Mad Barn. And beginning to think I’m hyper-focused on his topline because for years it was always plumped up - and I thought it looked good and muscled. But it was a layer of fat. Now that he’s at his ideal weight, his entire frame is slimmer than my eyes are accustomed to seeing. Heck, even his butt cheeks. I don’t feel boney spine poking through so there is muscle there. 

I don’t have a hay analysis because my storage for hay is quite small. My hay is delivered every two weeks and although I always order the straight Timothy (3-string 110 lb bales) the source is from many different locations across the US/Canada. It’s beautiful hay, green and leafy. He loves it, so I’m happy. Since he’s reached his ideal body weight he’s now eating 20 lbs each day, soaked & drained 30 minutes in hot water. I do wish hay analysis was something easily provided, because I’d love to stop soaking. 

He has a dental appointment in December, and I was going to ask for blood pull at the same time. I’ve not noticed any reactions to seasonal rise. Even his winter coat seems slower to grow in this year. 
Rita C. and Stetson (2001 Tennessee Walking Horse/Gelding, diagnosed IR)
Aiken, South Carolina USA
June 2021

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