Re: ivermectin price increase?

Sharon Manning

Lorna and group,
All I have been able to find in my area is the Liquid Ivermectin 1% solution, a Durvet product for swine and cattle. Many years ago I used this product with a mare that could wad up and spit paste out. However, I can not remember how to calculate the dosage. Would some one be so kind as to help me? I would draw it up into a syringe and squirt it into her mouth. Never had anymore deworming problems after that. So, Im thinking with the shortage this is my way. If its 1% would it just be 1mL per 100 lbs BW? On the box it is 1 mL for 110 lbs BW for cattle and 1 mL for 75 lbs BW for swine. Doesn't give the equine or human dose. (lol)

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