Re: Test not collected properly caused abn high reading?

Kirsten Rasmussen

His ACTH will be lower on Nov 5 after 3 weeks on 1 mg pergolide, and also because we are now past the peak of the seasonal rise so it's coming down naturally now.  If his insulin was sky high at the last test, too, I would definitely hold off.  But it was not that high with the last bloodwork so I think the risk of vaccines and dewormer triggering laminitis is low.  However, you can definitely hold off until you get his new lab results back, so do what you feel most comfortable doing.  Will your vet leave the vaccine and dewormer with you to give later?  Just make sure you pull blood before anything else is done, including administering any sedatives if needed, and have ice or a fridge to put it in (ice is handy because you can send it with the vet on ice).

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