Re: Hyper thyroid!!??

Nancy C

Hi Miriam

Thyroid and other hormonal testing can give back wonky tests from biotin in the diet.  It is not a health issue or real changes in thyroid levels caused by the biotin but described as an "artifact"

This is the original thread announcing the human study and Dr Kellon's comments

The link to Guidance from AACC in Dr Kellon's link  describes the half life of biotin in humans as follows:

"Low concentrations of biotin are cleared quickly from the circulation of healthy individuals, with an elimination half-life of approximately 2 hours (30), whereas experiments with high doses indicate a half-life up to 18.8 hours (11).

Dr Kellon please correct my take that withholding for 24 hours would clear the system. I also wonder about withholding all minerals for a day if the biotin is already mixed in the supplement and that is the only option.You can also buy and add biotin separately.

I would not stop or lower the iodine. It is really important for thyroid health.

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