Re: Hyper thyroid!!??

Myriam Desrosiers

Aragon was always on the low with his thyroid, and i understood, maybe i’m wrong, that it was an effect of IR than a cause. Since he was always on the low range. I was wandering if i still needed to give him T4 supplement… i guess not! 

I live very far from a city, having a vet visiting is something difficult. I’m not feeding him Any supplément of biotin… could there be an other reason  why his thyroid is so high!!!?? 

For his insulin management, he does exercise, balanced diet, i weight his hay and put it in a net, so he eats slowly… and hay is at 8.6 sugar + starch. Please let me know if there is anything else i can do for help manage his insuline level… thank you!


MyriamD, Qc, Canada

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