Re: Questions on navigating website /files?


Hi Debbie,
I should be able to help you.  We definitely need a case history from you in order to address your horse’s issues.  I live in New England as well and we’ve had gorgeous weather recently.  I’ve been trying to get things ready for winter and not spending much time inside.  If you had a case history posted and a link to it in your signature, I’d be able to step in after a few days, see what’s going on and address your questions about taking care of your horse.  As I can’t, I will try to help you through this.  Please send me a private message so we don’t ‘clutter’ the list with non-IR/PPID issues.  Let me know which device you are using, whether or not you still have access to your welcome letter and where you are stuck, which seems to be finding the case history form at this point, although you have apparently accessed it earlier.


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