Testing of EMS


I doňt know, how ask in our group so I ask here. Equine Endocrinology Group prepared recommendations for the EMS and here I found

1) They recommended only Oral sugar test and Insulin tolerance test (Dr. Kellon Frequent Sampling Intravenous Glucose Tolerance test- too expensive). Why?

2) For Lean EMS BCS 4-5/9 they recommended low suger and HIGH fat diet. Is it ok?

3) The tests no longer recommended: Glucose:insulin ratio. Dr. Kellon recommneded it.


I believe Dr. Kellon but why they recommended it like that?

4) Dr. Kellon mentioned that overall prevalence of IR is 9,28%. In test was correct aswer 20%, but I donť know, what is true?

Thank you all 
Marie Volsicka
Mid Europe

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