Question on pergolide dosage for Ruger



I will update his CH asap, but I retested Ruger recently after his dosage was increased from 3.0 mg QD to 3.5 mg QD in late August.  His ACTH at that time was 24.4 pg/mL, but I was concerned about the seasonal rise, so increased it anyway.  I'm glad I did; on 10/6/21 ACTH was 65.1 pg/mL.  I'm not sure if I should increase the pergolide further, or it would be okay to just continue his current dosage since his ACTH should be declining at this point?  I will continue 3.5 mg QD though, rather than dropping down to 3.0 mg QD in December as previously intended.  Does this sound like a good plan?  Any comments are much appreciated!
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