Re: Supplement Changes/Sore?

Kathleen Rauchle

Hi Dr. Kellon,

I am still waiting on results for the hay. She is more sore yesterday and today, than before. Digital Pulse in all four hooves now, which it was only the fronts before.

But now I am thinking what grass is growing on the edge of her dry lot is still too much and she could be getting sore from that? 

I started to cover up the grass with dirt and rock, then sprayed with vinegar and Epsom salt what I couldn't get to yesterday. (Will work on that again tonight).

It seemed as if when we turned the fence on she got more sore. I know she got shocked about 3 times could the percussion of her jumping cause a flare up also? Or does that seem crazy?

We were doing so well before this....

Thank you,

Kathleen R
Central WI 

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