Re: Chicy (in foal) blood results coming in

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Janet, 

That's great that you got a diagnosis!

We usually recommend starting with 1/4 pill a day, for 3-4 days, then increasing by 1/4 increments if she hasn't gone off her feed, until the prescribed dose is reached.  This will work for most horses and if it goes well would have Chicy on 1mg in 9 days.  If she goes off her feed at this pace, then stopping and adding APF is advised.  Some horses don't show any side effects, others are extremely reactive.

Make sure your vet emails you a copy of the bloodwork when it's all in so you actually have the numbers and are not just told "normal".

Keep in mind that at a later stage in the pregnancy the pergolide will need to be stopped because it can supress lactation.  At least 1 month before due date, and ideally 3 months before due date.

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