Cadet's insulin is even lower with full time track life



I just wanted to provide a quick update on Cadet; I am thrilled with his new results from 10/6/21!  His glucose fell from 104 mg/dL on 8/18/21 to 86 mg/dL (RR 71-122 mg/dL) and his insulin fell from 76.6 uIU/mL to 27.1 uIU/mL (RR 10-40 uIU/mL).  New ACTH was 19.2 pg/mL.  I did increase his pergolide from 1.6 mg QD to 2.5 mg QD between these two tests, but he has had ACTH less than 20 pg/mL in the past with insulins much higher.  There were no changes in his diet or exercise by me, but he has lost some weight (60-70 lbs).  He also went from part time to full time on a fairly short track after we managed to eliminate all the green stuff on it.  I was so surprised by these results that I called Cornell; the endocrinologist said they haven't changed their assay since 2016 and all the quality control processes were good.  She also mentioned the insulin is very stable and doesn't degrade easily like ACTH does.  I handled the samples myself and they reached Cornell overnight. 

I would absolutely encourage anyone who is considering establishing a track for their EMS horse to go for it!  We are at a small boarding facility and the owner has been wonderful in facilitating the project, providing some materials and tractor work, while we have provided some materials and labor.  Cadet is currently doing better overall than he has in the past two years.  I am very glad I took the chance on bringing him with us when we moved; it was a tough decision.  He would never have gotten to this point without the excellent advice provided by this group.  Thank you so much!
October 2018
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