Re: Chicy (in foal) out of stall first time in 5 weeks


Thank you for asking, Dr. Kellon,

He did not mention trying to determine why the hives. He is going to consult with board certified vets on possible options. She did not get any Prescend yesterday and is on Benadryl 2x day. Hives still present but do not look as bad  

My new vet did not want to do bloodwork the 2 times he was here. Said we would do when he comes to ex ray her feet in a few weeks. Just did the ultrasounds to verify pregnancy and we looked at and discussed plan for her feet.  So I pulled the blood (I have red and lavender tops) and took it to first vet who has a Cornell account and he is the one who gave me the Prascend. It made sense to use first vet for this current situation. Not an ideal situation but I am trying to do the best I can for my mare. I did send a copy of bloodwork to new vet and updated him she started Prescend. Have not touched base with him on the hives. 

I have had Chicy since she was 2.  This is the first time in her life she has been on any meds other than wormers, banamine when she sand coliced once,  vaccinations and titer checks to determine if vaccine needed. A few abscesses over the years and that was it. She has never had a reaction to anything. 
Janet and Chicy
Chester SC

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