Re: Hay analysis question - teff or grass blend best?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Makendra,

You want to look at the As Fed column, not the Dry Matter for the numbers. In spite of what EA is telling you, we have had numerous members test hay samples via both NIR and wet chem and the results can vary by as much as 30%. That's not a "few degrees of variation" and can be extremely relevant for the ESC+starch levels for an IR individual. Furthermore, NFTA - the accrediting organization for forage testing - does not recognize NIR as a valid method to use for testing ESC+starch.

Potassium is always high in hay, just ignore it. The Equine Blend is really low iron - actually bordering on too low; high manganese; inverted calcium to phosphorus; ESC+starch 6.1% but could be as much as 30% higher. Teff iron is higher but quite workable; higher manganese; ESC+starch 3%, but could be up to 30% higher. Both have protein on the lower side of acceptable.

It would make the most sense if you contact one of the balancers to discuss the situation as you are feeding a number of individuals:

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