Re: Chicy (in foal) out of stall first time in 5 weeks


I called shavings dealer and inquired if ever a recall on the shavings I use and was told they sell thousands of bags and have never has one complaint or any recalls. 
I have moved Chicy to another stall my competition horse stays in and have moved him into her stall and dry lot.  I am going to put a sheet on her at night and in the afternoon which seems to be the times she lays down.
I started her on APF tonight and plant to give it to her 3 days and then start back with 1/4 Prascend to see what happens.
Thanks to all for hanging in with us while we try to get Chicy well.  
I will keep everyone posted.

What is the cost of a compounded pergolide? A friend I saw over the weekend has 2 PPID horses and gives them a compound that she just puts a scoop in their food and they eat it with the meal.  She said it regulated both horses great.  It is from Cameron Pharmacy in St Matthews SC. 
Each 5ml scoop contains Pergolide 1mg, and Cyproheptadine 120 mg.
Is this what is normally in most compounds and is this unique?  She said it regulates her horses great.  She had them on Prescend before and offered she could not get her horses regulated so vet changed her horses to this compound.
I will keep everyone posted on what happens trying to restart the Prascend.
Janet and Chicy
Chester SC

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