Help with newly diagnosed horse with PPID -- higher meds or different management?

Laura Caplins


My 20 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding Dandy was diagnosed with PPID in the spring. He has been on 1mg of Presend since that time however I question if this is the right dosage. I also have concerns regarding his current management. 

He is continuing to have intermittent trouble with his feet (some days are OK, some he is very sore) and is not sound. He is now ribby with a significant loss in topline. I asked my Vet this question- about appropriate dosages a month after starting the medicine- however he said most horse do fine with one pill. He also stated there was no way to test to see if the medicine is working. I have been following the IR/PPID messages on this site for a few weeks and it seems that this may not be the case.

I have also unfortunately made some mistakes in my feeding and management of the horse due to ignorance. I both let him out on what I thought was 'safe' dry grass pasture once the field turned brown for up to 3 hours a day, and also started increasing his hay ration as he is now thin and its getting cold here in Montana as winter approaches. Perhaps these actions greatly impacted his feet. I detail my actions step by step in our case history. I am, like perhaps everyone else on this site, desperate for my horse to be comfortable. I live in a very cold climate, and traditionally I have fed free choice first cutting grass hay during the winter to keep him warm, however if he must be on a restricted diet I um unclear how to keep him warm. He is prone to getting cold, more so than any of my other horses. He does not grow much of a winter coat. 

I would appreciate any advise on medicine dosage/testing and feeding. Thank you so much. 
Dosage: how do I know if the dosage is correct for my particular horse?
Testing: is there a reliable test to see if his PPID is under control? when is it best to do this test?
Feeding: what are you feeding recommendations for a thin, and prone to be cold horse during the inter in Montana, when too much hay seems to set his feet off....?

Thank you so much, 


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Laura C in Montana 2021

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