Re: Help with newly diagnosed horse with PPID -- higher meds or different management?

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


The issue with testing to see if his pergolide dose is correct is that his baseline ACTH is normal and only the TRH stimulation showed a high level.  No one has published results of pergolide on TRH tests but it's reasonable to expect it to improve. You could repeat the test in December.

His breed and his past history raise the question of whether he had EMS before becoming PPID. PPID will cause insulin resistance, or worsen it in a horse that has EMS already. You are correct that dormant pastures aren't necessarily safe but you can solve that issue with a muzzle. The problem with your hay in any amount is that the sugar and starch are too high.You don't have to limit how much he gets when he's thin - just make sure it has safe sugar and starch levels. It also sounds like there's a good chance you are dealing with pain triggered by cold .
Eleanor in PA 
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