Re: Vinnie Update November 2021 - high tryglicerides again

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Thank you.

So when Vinnie goes back on invokana in the future once his energy balance is closer to normal, is there a range of hay esc+starch that would be considered safe? 

He is not going to eat 4lb Beet Pulp. I have tried to no avail. He at best consistently will eat 2.6 lb dry when he is feeling well.   I tried the wheat bran option but that also seemed to coincide with footiness so I stopped that immediately and he still didn't consume more than 2.6 lb even with that in the mix.

I am using stabul 1 and tc balance cubes which he will eat well. To try to keep his calories up given that he really is challenging me on the BP.

Thanks in advance.

Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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